Over the years I have made a number of presentations at various conferences around the world. Although it is almost impossible to capture the entire presentation, even through the use of Notes, here are some presentations to demonstrate some of the areas that I and Maguffyn have worked in.

These presentations are all in PDF format. Hopefully this does not detract from your enjoyment (not entirely sure that is the right adjective, but there you go)

Integrating Spatial Data with the rest of your E & P Data
Data Management Complexities in Todays E & P Sphere
Spatial data for the oil industry
Enterprise GIS: Things you should do (and some you shouldn't)(2MB!)

The presentation on Enterprise GIS received some coverage elsewhere: 1 industry web site and a true publication:

ESRI PUG COnference Highlights on

Oil IT Journal Published in the May 2006 article on ESRI Petroleum User Group Highlights

Unfortunately, Oil IT is a subscription journal. However, an extract from the relevant article is included below:

Ian Batty shared some dos and don'ts gleaned from Talisman's enterprise GIS which now comprises 80 million rows of vector data, 250 GB raster data and supports 200 concurrent users. Batty stressed the importance of data management-both of the structured database tables and the file data, likening the latter to management of seismic trace bulk data. Batty deprecates shapefiles, coverages and personal Geodatabases. The way to go is SDE (or Oracle Spatial for its data management). Data modeling involves a `happy medium' between thematic modeling and pure relational-'There is no point in creating the perfect denormalized model, adopting a Geodatabase model or PPDM in its entirety. Define the data model that meets your business requirements'. More useful tips in Batty's paper on

I would like to point out a slight mistake in the Oil IT article: I likened the management of raster data to seismic data. Management of file data is akin to herding cats. And obviously, if you have made it this far, you know that you don't need to download from the ESRI web site- the same presentation is available here as well.

Migrating data from a PPDM database to a Geodatabase