Maguffyn is the company created and run by Ian Batty to provide consultancy services to the upstream exploration and production (E & P) sector of the oil industry.
Maguffyn specialises in solution architecture, in particular for spatial systems, and systems with a strong data component. The goal of providing these services is to ensure that the systems meet user requirements and are implemented with a sound technical architecture.

Solution Architecture Spatial Systems Database Design
System specification GIS architecture design Logical data modelling
Requirements analysis Spatial data implementation Physical data modelling
Test Planning

This web site contains information about Maguffyn and the services that Maguffyn provides. What you may not have realised is that Ian Batty is the sole consultant working at Maguffyn, and that is the last time that I will refer to myself in the third person.

I have dual citizenship, making me both British and Canadian. This means that I am able to provide services in either Canada or the UK (or any other country in the European Union, come to think of it), and yes, that does mean that I do a lot of flying. A calendar is provided to track where I am in the world (and a little of what I am doing there).


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